The Miftahu’l-Wird, or ‘Key to the Source’, is the name of the collection of portions of the Qur’an and Du’a collected together by Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib al-Idrisi al-Hasani for his fuqara.

Wird can mean a part or section but here, as the title suggests it is a means of arriving at water for the thirsty. It also has the meaning of arriving at water after having been without it and an element of time as in the watering of animals at particular times of day. This relates also to the traditional daily gathering of the fuqara after Subh and Maghrib to recite it together. For the people of the path it is literally a quenching that revives and fortifies. It has the power that water does for the man parched by the sun. Continue reading “Miftahu’l-Wird”