The Golden Sword – NMJ Hall, Durban 6th May 2010

Alhamdulillah –

Alhamdulillah in every situation and at every time. It is impossible to give Him the praise He deserves as it is beyond us. He encompasses everything and nothing encompasses Him. The whole matter is in His hands and the outcome is only His, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

In His Mercy and Love He took a part of His praiseworthiness, named him Ahmad and made Himself known through His beloved and Best of His Creation. He, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, in turn cannot be praised by us according to his due. We accept our limitation and are grateful to be a part of his Ummah, and ask Allah to bless him according to his place and rank in every time and every place, not forgetting his family and noble companions, and all who have followed in their footsteps until now.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

‘Abdallah ibn ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with him and his father, said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, say:

“Islam is built on five: witnessing that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishment of the prayer, payment of Zakah, Hajj to the House, and the fast of Ramadan.”

He also explained, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, to his companions when questioned by the Great Namus, sayyidina Jibril that the Deen of Islam was made up of the three essential elements of Iman, Islam and Ihsan.

Islam is the shape or form of the Muslim; it is what is apparent of action and behaviour to all around him. What gives that form life and meaning are Iman and Ihsan. Combined it is the life of the slave of Allah who follows His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, in word and action. Iman is trust in Allah’s unseen, subhanahu wa ta’ala; it is the awareness that actions have meaning and consequence. Ihsan is the direct perception of Allah, or the realisation that Allah is totally aware of us to the minutest detail.

These elements form at least the basis of our lives as Muslims and at best the whole of our lives as people of Ihsan. The Muslim moves completely within the boundaries of the Shari’ah and builds his life from its foundations. All Muslims therefore, must have a sound knowledge of what Allah requires of him or her. If he or she is unsure of certain matters that effect the fulfilling of their obligations they must seek out one they trust who knows and lives by the prophetic example, and each of us will find such a person according to their aspiration to please Allah.

For example, if blessed with the removal of obstacles to make the Hajj, which is not an everyday occurrence, then an effort has to be made to know what Allah expects and what the Rasulullah demonstrated of its form and obligations. Likewise with inheritance when a relative dies leaving wealth. Indeed any of our actions must to our knowledge be within what is permitted because we will be asked about them by Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. Our reward or punishment is based upon acting or not by what we know, not what others know, so each of us must be satisfied that we are doing what is at least required, but preferably, what is pleasing to Allah and His Messenger.

So, each Muslim must be sure of the five pillars; this means in his own mind and action. The people of knowledge are an aid to this; they are responsible to teach and we are responsible to act upon the knowledge we gain. Islam is not a body of books or information, including al-Qur’an; it is the action of each and every Muslim. As Qur’an is not written pages but recitation of the uncreated word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, so Islam is not information but action. If Islam was in the books we would not need Rasulullah, a’udhu billah from even mentioning it, but without him the Qur’an cannot be understood. His blessed wife told us that he was the Qur’an walking; so he is the human example and source of all our knowledge. Even if you know all the Qur’an and every aspect of the Sunnah it is meaningless unless that knowledge is put into action. A man who knows one thing and acts upon it is better than one who knows a thousand but does not act. But there is more; to occupy yourself with personal piety and correctness according to your estimation, while your society, your brothers and sisters are oppressed and suffering is the height of ignorance. Knowing your personal obligations is easy but understanding the condition and needs of your society requires more effort.

The need to follow an example has never left us; our ability to follow the Rasulullah in obeying Allah is because there have, and will always be, men who follow him and embody his life as he did the Book of Allah.

The call to the re-implementation of Zakah in our time, as it should be done and the minting of real money; gold dinars and silver dirhams with the relegation of paper to small change, has come from Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi and those ‘ulama connected to him. This has come as a blessed opening for some and an embarrassment to others. Delight, because at last someone has made the correct fulfilment of a sharic obligation possible and embarrassment, because those who should know have not only failed to do this but have made the haram halal by sanctioning banking through their ignorance of the modern financial system and their willingness to twist the Shari’ah to fit into the modern world.

This is one of the major sources of opposition to Dr. Abdalqadir and his people which, in almost all cases consists of slander, innuendo and character assassination whispered behind backs, simply because his position is based squarely on the period of the first three generations of Islam prior to Madhhab and dynasty which all Muslims confirm.

It is a call to change the way we are doing things and of course this always meets with opposition, but is that not what Islam has always done? We are inviting you to participate and to be in the forefront of fighting back against the centuries of colonial infiltration and destruction of Islam at a time when the enemy is weak; their own weapon of usury -the modern financial system- has turned against them. This is not a recession or depression or a consolidation of banking power or whatever other magical term they like to use; it is in the nature of this unnatural abomination of money coming out of nothing, that the inevitable is at our doorstep.

Remember that what is happening is Allah’s plan and no one or anything has the power or ability to change that. If the rule of Islam ceased in 1924 it was Allah’s will that this should happen; if in the ensuing eight decades the world has plunged into its darkest age ever, it is because Allah wants to show us clearly what it is like if we turn away from the path of His Rasul. But after the night comes the day and the night of disgusting and murderous Kufr is coming to an end and the dawn of justice and compassion under the Shari’ah of Islam is arriving.

The beginning of the third Christian millennium is warning us of Allah’s might and power; it as if each month a new catastrophe wipes out another portion of humanity, but we as people of the Qur’an understand how Allah works because He, subhanahu wa ta’ala, has made plain His Sunnah among creation by telling us about previous peoples and there is no changing His Sunnah. We know who are the losers and the winners. It is for us as Muslims to know where we stand in relation to Allah’s will and command; each of us to our innermost heart.

Our aim in this presentation is to inform you of the work being done around the globe to enable Muslims to fulfil their obligatory support of the poor through Zakah in its correct form. There is no question of the generosity of many Muslims in their support of those less fortunate through their sadaqah, but that is a Sunnah and we are talking of a Fard.

What is presented here is an effort to obey Allah as He has commanded us to; it is a means towards restoring the fallen pillar of Zakah and re-introducing the real money that the Muslims and indeed most of mankind have used for millennia. This is the real jihad of our time, as a basic condition for jihad is the raising high the flag of Islam. The dinar is the golden sword that will cut the neck of Riba’, usury, the most pernicious, evil thing that man has brought, which now rules everyone. There is no greater evil after Shirk, to the extent that Allah says, ba’d a’udhu billahi minash shaytanir rajim,

Sadaqallahu ‘l-Adhim

277 O you who have iman! Have taqwa of Allah

and forgo any remaining riba

if you are muminun.

278 If you do not, know that it means war from Allah and His Messenger.

The existence of usury in the world means war for Muslims alongside Allah and His Rasul. If you are not fighting then it must mean you have surrendered and surrender means you continue according to the dictates of your conqueror. Worse than that you start to take on their values and that means what makes them happy makes you happy and what they strive for you strive for. This is a disparity between Deen and Millah; how you behave and what you aspire to and it corrupts the gift of Islam that Allah gave us and suffices us and leads to an uncertainty about our laws, which in turn weakens them to suite the dominant system, which as we said is usury.

This is a war against the incredibly rapid disintegration of the human condition and the Muslims are the only people on earth with the weapons to defeat the bankers, politicians and corporate leaders. Islam is the only struggle left that can and will bring justice for all mankind. The current financial system fronted by its religion, democracy, and the murderous poverty it creates can only exist if Zakah is compromised. There is so much wealth among the Muslims that is not being purified by Zakah, that is, money that does not belong to them, because it belongs to the eight categories defined by Allah; that is why Allah says to ‘Take Zakah’ because it is not a voluntary charity but a governmental obligation to care for the needy. By re-establishing this fallen pillar the tyranny that all mankind suffers will be alleviated and it will be seen that by Allah, the Muslims have rescued all of us from unnatural poverty and the suicidal ignoring of our Creator.

My request to you is to listen to what is presented and judge for yourself. If you are unsure then verify; we will be happy to clarify as will any true man of knowledge. I warn you against speaking ill of any Muslim and acting without thought about Allah’s power over you. This is not a matter of reason or practicality, although it is both, it concerns Allah’s command to fulfil the obligatory and I call you to take it seriously and consider how you can participate in this effort to strike back against Riba and Kufr with this golden sword.

I remind you and myself that Allah is in total control of all that happens so therefore what is happening is by His design subhanahu wa ta’ala. We have no power to affect anything in this world; we will not change the Sunnah of Allah in any matter, but He has told us that a people will change when they change what is in themselves and that means we stop acting for ourselves, our families, or because of fears and desires. When we put back into place what He has commanded it will bring the best possible outcome for ourselves, our families and the whole of mankind.

لا حول و لا قوّة إلاّ بالله العليِّ العظيم

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