Zoom Meetings

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Name Time/Day Meeting ID Host

Wird 20:00 / Daily 346-770-523 Hajj Issa

Recitation of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib’s wird

100 Steps 11:00 / Wednesday 970-038-1248 Hajj Issa

Conversation around Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi’s ‘100 Steps’ continuing an actual gathering of a year or so into a virtual one started on 25th March at Step 43/44

Tafsir al-Kahf 17:30 / Tuesday 336-278-0776 Abdassamad

Tafsir of Surat al-Kahf by hajj Abdassamad Clarke

Being & Time 14:00 / Sunday 813-165-759 Ibrahim Lawson

A look at Heideggar’s ‘Being and Time’ led by Ibrahim Lawson started Sunday 29th March

Tafsir YaSin 11:00 / Sunday 471-796-163

Tafsir of Surah YaSin led by Shaykh Habib Bewley started Sunday 29th March


Man, Woman and the Sphere of our Political Future

Rais Abu Bakr Rieger

Saturday, 29th June 2019

First of all I want to thank Amir Umar del Pozo for the organization of this wonderful gathering and also Khadija Martinez for her efforts and all the energy she has put into organizing the women’s conference. Also I want to thank Ibtisaam for a brilliant, very balanced summarization of the women’s conference. There was a very serious side to it, but there was also the joy of the gathering shining through. I received it as very powerful and ambitious, but never ideological. In fact one expression came into my heart, which is: sober drunkenness.

When I am asked to give a talk the title has usually very significant words; like in this case: Men and women. It is a habit of mine, to go immediately to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe1, just to look where something appears which has to do with men and women. In fact the first quote I found is from “Poetry and Truth”. It is a quite charming quote, Goethe says: “Men age, women change”.

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Conclusions of the women’s conference

Great Mosque of Granada anniversary, June 29th 2019

delivered by

Ibtisaam Ahmed

I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to talk at the anniversary of the Great Mosque of Granada on a theme that is of vital importance and interest. The women have had quite a week! Today, we invite the men to share in some of our reflections and conclusions that took place at the very first Women’s Encounters Conference.

Let me begin by providing some context. Last year at the Mawsim of Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi in Cape Town, a group of women preparing breakfast in a house overlooking the sea were inspired to come together to make a space for a gathering of women from all of our various communities. Hajja Jadiya Martinez took on this task and gained the support of Rais Abu Baker Rieger, who stressed the importance of conveying and sharing the conclusions with the men. An organizing team consisting of Hajja Zulaikha Lund, Hajja Atika Jiminez, Tahira Narbona and Aisha Hernandez was created in order to assist Hajja Jadiya in the realisation of this conference which has taken months of careful preparation. We can only thank them all and ask Allah to bless them for putting together this conference.

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