Delineation of the 10 Stages of Love from the Book of Hubb

BOOK OF HUBB by Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi

May Allah have Mercy upon him and grant him the highest assembly in the company of our Rasul, gazing on the Face of Allah eternally


  1. Mahabba – Affection

2. Ishq – Ardent Love

3. Muwafaqa – Compatability

SEVEN ASPECTS OF ALLAH’S LOVE FOR THE MUSLIMS – Maqam Ilahi (Divine Station) + Divine Contract

1. Love of the Prophet, sallahu alayhi wa sallim

2. Tawba from wrong

3. Those who purify themselves

4. Sabirun (Patient/Steadfast)

5. Shukr (gratitude)

6. Muhsinun (Doers of Good)

7. Those who fight in ranks in His way


1. Al Hawa – Falling in Love

2. Al Hubb – Purified Love

3. Al ‘Ishq – Excessive Love

4. Al Wadd – Loyalty in Love


1. Maqtul – To be slain

2. Talif – Mentally thrown off course, confused

3. – To be on the way

4. Tayyar – To be mobile like a bird


1. ‘Ulfa – Attachment

  1. Qul – say
  2. Kitmani Mayan – Keeping it secret
  3. Tina – Turbulence of yearning for contact
  4. Ikhbar wa Istikhbar – News of and to be recognised by Allah
  5. Tadarru’ wa Tamalluq – Humility and begging

2. Sadaqa – Sincerity

  1. Taking in the troubles of dunya as gifts of the Beloved
  2. Ghayra – Jealousy
  3. Ishtiaq – Ardour
  4. Dhikri Mahbub – Dhikr of the Beloved
  5. Tahayyur – Astonishment

3. Mawadda – Friendship

  1. Niyaha wa Idtirar – Bewailing and agitation
  2. Shedding of Tears
  3. Hasra – Regret
  4. Fikri Mahbub – Contemplating the Beloved
  5. Muraqabat al-Mahbub – Watching of the Beloved

4. Hawa – Passionate Desire

  1. Khudu – Humility
  2. Ita’ati Mahbub – Obedient devotion
  3. Sabr – Patient endurance
  4. Tadarru – Supplication in Humility
  5. Rida – Resignation

5. Shaghaf – Violent Affection

  1. Obedience to Allah’s commands
  2. Guarding the Inward from Turning to Other
  3. Muwafaqa – Compatability
  4. Regard for the Friends of Allah
  5. Conceal the Matters of Love

6. Khulla – Exclusive Attachment to the Beloved

  1. Mu’anada – Enmity
  2. Sidq – Sincerity
  3. Ishtihar – Making Love Public
  4. Shikwa – Complaint
  5. Huzn – Anguish

7. Mahabba – Increase of Affection

  1. Husni Akhlaq – Good Behaviour (both Public and Private)
  2. Malamat wa Izhari Sukr wa Hayra – Risking Blame in Stages of Intoxication and Bewilderment
  3. Mushahida-i Ghayb – Seeing the Unseen
  4. Arzu-i Mulukat – Desire for the meeting
  5. Istinas – Desire for Attachment


  1. Ta’awwuh – Sigh Deeply in Love of Allah
  1. Istirah ila al-Kalam – To Seek Rest in the Words of his Beloved
  1. Ithar – Preference

8. Hubb – Love

  1. Fuqdan-i Qalb – To Lose One’s Heart
  2. Ta’assuf – Grief
  3. Wajd – Ecstasy
  4. Bi-Sabri – Impatience
  5. Sianat – Safety

9. Taim – Enslavement

  1. Tafarrud – Isolation
  2. Istitar – Concealment
  3. Badhl-i Ruh – To Stake One’s Life
  4. Khawf – Fear
  5. Raja’ – Hope

10. Walah – Bewilderment

  1. Ibtihal – Supplication
  2. Shurb – Drinking the Wine of Love
  3. Sukr – Intoxication
  4. Idtirab wa Bikhudi – Distraction and Selflessness
  5. Talaf – Destruction


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4 thoughts on “Delineation of the 10 Stages of Love from the Book of Hubb”

  1. Many years ago I was working in a hospital as a theatre porter and cleaner – one of the nurses there was always reading classical authors on love – one day I said to her, “I don’t want to read about love – I want to be in love!” A year or two later, she married! Sayyedina Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi, alayhi rahma, tethered the meanings and mapped out the terrain of love for us, but not so that we would only read about it.

    1. Interesting comment. Not sure what to make of it. As you know this site is meant as a resource for the Fuqara, and I spent some time listing all the stages of love, as delineated by sayyidina Shaykh in his ‘Hubb’ discourses, for the participants who were studying these works. These were primarily spoken words but under his instruction were subsequently printed. In the not too distant future, even those who heard his words will be no more and all that will be left are his writings. There is no substitute for the company of the lovers, but Layla’s dog may still stir the heart.

      1. “… Her breeze will waft over the lovers from you.

        You will open the hearing of the wayfarer’s heart because
        the all-pervading nature of the knowledge from Her is proof of Her.”

        Thank you Hajj Issa for doing what you do 🙂

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