Allah is enough for us and the best Guardian

Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib says in his Qasidah of commentary on his Wird, “The Majestic Truth has promised the dhakir who recites it that he will have what he needs, not limited to any state,” and “In our time its invocation takes precedence over Ahzab  of Qur’an or Wadhifahs.”

What he is talking about is the repetition of Allah’s words, “Hasbunallahu wa ni’ma ‘l-Wakeel,” (Allah is enough for us and the best Guardian). He further elucidates on it merits for sayyidina Ibrahim in protecting him from the fire that he was thrown into and that our Messenger was given everything through it.

His remark, may Allah have mercy on him, that it takes precedence over the recitation of sections of the Qur’an and compilations of adhkar is a statement on the times we live in and not about one practice being better than another. Our own Shaykh has used it often and mentioned its primacy for us and the reason I bring it up now is that it seems even more critical to our lives.

The world is in rapid and cataclysmic change and with the positive turn of events relating to the re-emergence of real ‘intrinsic value’ money there has been a flurry of reaction both positive and negative, which was to be expected. The source of this thrust into the belly of the beast of capitalism is the submission to the orders of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, as mentioned by one of its greatest warriors wielding the golden sword, Umar Pasha Vadillo.

Seeming more like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza before a mocking crowd for so long, the time has come and now the guerrilla band is growing in number cheered on from many different directions. The difference now with the move of PAS in Kelantan actually implementing the distribution of gold and silver coins and the tremendous work of amir Zaim Saidi and his crew in Indonesia, is the howling of hacks and the derisive cackling of ‘financial experts’. When silence is replaced by this kind of noise it is a sign that something has happened, which does not surprise us but there is a danger of getting carried away; ask any experienced surfer of those early days when he just managed to catch his first waves only to be wiped out in the euphoria. “Allah is enough for us and the best Guardian.”

If Allah is re-establishing His Deen by re-instituting Zakah as it should be done with gold and silver moving from the wealthy to the poor through governmental obligation, it is because this is how He, subhanahu wa ta’ala, chooses to do it and those chosen to participate in this effort are blessed by that choosing. If this is His path to success none can defeat it, “Hasbunallahu wa ni’ma ‘l-Wakeel.”

Now, Fuqara is our time; the training we received to remember Allah is truly critical. Much happens in the heat of battle; remember when sayyidina Ali, radiallahu anhu, threw down his sword for fear of Allah in killing in personal anger when spat upon; in that defenceless moment his enemy embraced Islam; how much better to be the cause of someone going to the Garden rather than the Fire. In that incredibly hot moment of life and death he remembered Allah with the best of results. “Allah is enough for us and the best Guardian.” Do not swerve from Him in success as you did not in difficulty.

We constantly ask Allah to, “Choose for us in our words and select our actions.” To know His choice and selection takes a pure heart; “Ala bidhikrillahi tatma’in al-qulub.” (By the dhikr of Allah the heart is calmed). Allah may shout in the world but he speaks softly to the heart.

As the return of the Deen is noble so will the hearts be that are party to it; if the heart turns to this effort it will be ennobled and if in the process it forgets its Lord, the Actor in all things,  it will fall by the wayside. Hold to the Shaykh and his company for there has spread the light of the Rasul, sallallahu alayhi wa sallim; there is the perspective we need, and protect our hearts from the waswas of Shaytan, ar-Rajeem. Weep in the night and fight during the day and may Allah grant us the scent of victory and its accomplishment before we go, pleasing and well-pleased. Allah make this month a purification, forgiveness and a new beginning. “Hasbunallahu wa ni’ma ‘l-Wakeel.”


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