Dalā’il Khayrāt – Jumu’ah

The Tomb of Shaykh Muhammad al-Jazuli

Below are two pdf links of the Jumu’ah portion of the Dala’il al-Khayrat in Arabic and English produced in Norwich and an mp3 of the same portion as regularly done in Marrakesh at the tomb of its author, Shaykh al-Jazuli, may Allah reward him for this great gift.



4 thoughts on “Dalā’il Khayrāt – Jumu’ah”

  1. As-salam alaikum, dear Hajj Issa!

    I I’m going to read Dalail ul-Khairat, should I read every day Intention and Seal?

    on the record from Norwich fuqara not read these parts.

    1. If you are going to read the whole Dala’il over a week, then begin with the niyyah and end with the khatm.
      When we did it in Botswana we recited only on Friday and only did the Friday section and we began with the niyyah and ended with the khatm.
      If you are doing the same daily section each day then you can leave it or do it, whatever feels better.
      Another option is to stick to one part until proficient and then move on to the next one.
      Follow the Marrakesh version, although it seems fast at first you get used to it.

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