No Strength, No Will

To understand the modern world you have to consider that you are living in a lunatic asylum. What governs the affairs of today are varying levels of psychosis. The madness of the insane is increased by confirmation of their insanity. Some of the cleverest and articulate of people are clinically mad and are master manipulators, to the extent that they have even redefined sanity/insanity.

To understand this there must be sanity, and this is very difficult to maintain within an institution for the insane. Part of the difficulty is the acceptance of all that is presented at face value, when, of course, nothing is as it seems. We all know this; we know politicians are liars and slaves to the wealthy; we know the police are not there to protect us; we know that the financial system is totally corrupt and partial; yet we accept this as the way things are and do nothing about it.

If I was to tell you not to trust any governmental, financial, educational, legal or social institution, you would call me paranoid, delusional, unrealistic, a conspiracy theorist, etc. Even if you know I am right, you do not know what to do about it, so you retreat to a safe zone and close your eyes like a child when it does not want to acknowledge something, or you react and oppose the system in some activity that makes you seem a revolutionary, but still within the dialectic of madness; where are all those freedom fighters now?

No. you have to find the sane and hold fast to their company. A company that cares for each other; a brotherhood in the real sense of the word; people who constantly demonstrate their concern by action. They will not belong to any institution or society or structure of membership; they will not be held together by form or practice, although they may have such and I think you will begin to appreciate that they will be few and hard to find.

You cannot trust anyone but there is no life without trust; you have to trust; you have to place your trust somewhere. The insane trust their delusions, the powerful trust their puissance, the intelligent their intellect, but they all falter when confronted by reality.

If all is created by One, Merciful, Omnipotent, Knowing, Living, then is not all as it should be? Can there be any flaw in His shaping of time and space? Can anyone else change it, overcome it or better it? Then why this madness of scrambling, fear, avarice, hatred, necessity for affirmation.

Reflect on its perfection, which you will not see if you are concentrated on your own or others imperfection. Trust in the creation as it is only there by its Creator; trust in it according to His description of it and not as it presents itself. Do not judge it unless He tells you to. It is like water not mountain; it comes from a source and returns to it; now it is there and now it has gone; if you want to find water you must look for the lowest point and you will always find it there, but there are a thousand people telling you to look up to the mountain and the only reason for that is that they have descended to picking your pockets. Look for the lowest valley and then plunge into its waters and drop to the bottom and there you will find what you are looking for and realise that it was always with you.

Madness today is that nothing has value except money, which has no value. Insanity is the norm and we are all touched by it; those prone to sanity are driven to distraction, trying to hold on to a beauty, an articulation, but their fingers will eventually tire and they will fall because this is the nature of things.

True sanity is to submit to how things really are and things are really as they were intended. They will never be what you want them to be; they will always be what they are; accept that and you are free and you will call the tune because it will not be your own but the eternal note that has never changed.

All is by the will of Allah; there is no strength but with Him.


4 thoughts on “No Strength, No Will”

  1. I found a lot of solace in this article. Returning to the basics and keeping company brings about harmony and understanding. I have some difficulty in the matter of trust because they do not accord with my expectations. The standard of care seems to be wanting. I realise now that it is madness to expect serenity in an abode of trial. Its better to reach out our hopes for the Next world and do everything in our might and power to attain that. That is the lasting Victory.

    1. In relation to the Next World the Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi was sallim, said concerning our behaviour in this world that, “you only have what you give out”. Ultimately the care we desire for ourselves rests in caring for, and serving others. If you take care of others, Allah will take care of you, and of course the greatest generosity of Allah awaits us after our demise. It struck me from the hadith of the Rasul’s brothers that one of the things he mentions is that they will love him never having seen him, so they will never have the blessing of seeing him in this world, but that will turn into a blessing in the next.

  2. Al-hamdulillah for this article.For unavoidable reasons,I live very far from my Amir,and transport fare here costs a fortune due to fiat money and its attendant sky-rocketing inflation.

    FB and internet keep me in touch with my community worldwide.

    May Allah help my community : Murabitun in all its efforts to restore the Deen back to Amal Ahl al-Madina(Mu’amalat,DnD,etc.)And may He help similar groups,amin.

    The Ummah of Rasulullah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) will never disband.I believe that’s the promise of Allah(SWT).

    So,victory belongs to Allah(SWT),from the beginning to the end.

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