There are very few Muslims today who have lived under an amir or khalifah ruling according to the Book and Sunnah. Most of the Muslim lands had been overrun by the colonising kuffar ending with the suspension of the Khilafah in Istanbul in the early 20th century.

The battlefields have long been cleared, the Muslim populace subjugated, imprisoned or killed, and the future puppets sent back to the Kafir heartland for education and preparation for the next stage of imperial domination. Once everything was in place the lands were handed back to the people, puppets installed and ‘independence’ granted, while the ownership of wealth and real power lay squarely with the old masters.

Nothing has really changed since then except that now the people are being subjugated, imprisoned and killed by their own family at their own expense, all in the way of ensuring the flow of oil, minerals and other commodities to their former and in fact, current oppressors.

What this means for Muslims today is that they are no longer ruled by what Allah commands or what His messenger demonstrated as the right way to live, except in the domestic arena, which if separated from the societal, loses its validity anyway and what was about legal parameters descends to obsession about sexual morality and diet. This would have been recognised by our fathers who fought the colonisers but today that understanding and experience has gone, only to be replaced with Muslims all over the world calling for democracy and human rights, as though this is what Islam has always been about anyway. So-called Muslim intellectuals are trying to convince the Muslims that Islam has to be reformed to incorporate the modern way of life by adding ‘islamic’ to thoroughly haram Kafir institutions ending up with impossible fabrications like ‘Islamic banking’, insurance, stock exchanges; the list goes on. The sorry state of knowledge among Muslims of their own deen is the result of the two forces of kufr from the outside and inside. Direct aggression and murder across the world by the kuffar and the insidious rewriting of Islamic fiqh by the ulama who capitulated.

It is in the nature of things that the deen of Islam is constantly under attack, as this was Shaytan’s avowed intent when cast out by Allah, but it only succeeds when Muslims relax from establishing and expanding its influence. The Muslim world is now filled with men and women sent by their parents to the Kafir lands to receive their education. These same people and their children are now striving for democracy, the Millat of Kufr, as a salvation from their autocratic dictators. It is difficult to counter these aspirations of a people who have been so brutally oppressed and have not known Islamic rule except the ambivalent rulings of their so-called ‘ulama, with a warning that they are leaping from the frying pan into the fire. The Arab world clearly states that its Deen is Islam but its aspirations are for the modern world and its institutions, leading to pulverisation of an already destroyed people.

Madinah al-Munawwarah was never a city, state or conglomeration in the way we understand today, indeed its name indicates quite clearly that it was the place of the Deen and that means people who behaved in a recognised manner; recognised by reference to Allah’s book and His Messenger’s demonstration of its realities. The Madinah that lies ahead can only be from the same mould, based upon people who once again establish human interaction according to that original pattern, worshipping the One, Merciful and Compassionate, and serving all around them, fearless in the world, oblivious to ridicule, fearful of fulfilling Allah’s command.

Look for the heart that is true, matched by behaviour; beware the mountain of words and posturing. In this world of number and popularity, seek the treasure buried out of sight; it lies hidden under the mudslide of fame and fortune. The modern world is vacuous, insubstantial like the spider’s web, inflated like a balloon. Truth is heavy, dense and put onto a spider’s web destroys it; attached to a balloon pulls it down to earth.  All that is left are the people of Allah and from them, once again, will justice and mercy become the way of humankind. Man has had his shot at being God; an unmitigated disaster now happily coming to an end. Find your ark; the waters are rising; cling to your Good Friend and do not worry; Allah protects those who turn to Him for help.


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